Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials    

Do you want to learn the secret tricks of Photoshop CS5? Do you want tips about using Photoshop more efficiently? Watch the Photoshop tutorial videos! You can watch the tutorials off-line on your phone.

Each channel shows the last 10 broadcasts. Once the phone connects to a Wifi network, the latest broadcasts download and store on your phone automatically.
This enables you to watch later the downloaded broadcasts without using you 3G mobile data connection.
In the settings menu you can choose which channels you want to display on your screen and how many episodes to download. Old broadcasts are deleted from your phone automatically.

Available channels

You can choose from the following vodcast channels: 

- Photoshop for digital Photographers
- Photoshop User TV
- Photoshop with Matt
- Adobe Photoshop Quicktips
- Creative COW Photoshop
- Photoshop Killer Tips
- Understanding Photoshop
- Adobe Creative Suite Video podcast
- Alibony Lessons for Photoshop
- Digital Goulash presents Photoshop Elements and more
- The Complete Picture with Juieanne Kost
- The Russel Brown Show
- One Minute Tip Photostop.
- Photoshop: From the ground up
- PhotoWalkThrough